Who We Are and Philosophy

Burns Severson and Joe Boyle founded Learning Linked to Business Results to meet a need, a need to create wealth. We are the start of a community of learners, passionate about learning, continuous improvement, and using acquired knowledge to make our world work better. It is not just about making money, a short-term affair; it’s about creating wealth over time for our clients and creating sustainable knowledge-based jobs and careers here in our community. Our vision is to use new web-based technology tools for teaching and learning to improve organizational performance. We help customers deliver on-the-job access to information, advice, and training and link the investment to business results.






Burns graduated from Michigan Tech with BS in Scientific and Technical Communications and a minor in International Marketing.  Burns,  owner of Fourth Degree Productions, brings experience in videography, marketing, industrial training, website and print design.

Joe graduated from Rutgers University with BS in Industrial Engineering and earned his masters degree from Northern Michigan University in Training, Development, and Performance Improvement.  Joe, owner of an engineering consulting firm, Jboyle Engineering LLC, is certified professional business adviser, trainer, and team facilitator.


Joe and Burns have been working together for over ten years on transformation projects that include lean implementation, leadership development, executive coaching, industrial marketing, design processes, quality systems, and enterprise resource planning.  Learning Linked To Business Results was formed by merging the resources of JBoyle Engineering, LLC and Fourth Degree Productions.