Getting Started The First Steps

Coaching Through the Gap

The first step in working together is to develop a relationship — a process where both sides may feel a little awkward – similar to a first date. However we use a process that can help overcome the awkwardness that leads to a trusting relationship. For many consulting firms this is a process you use with your clients — a proven path methodology — a process you may already feel comfortable with:

  • Focus on the business need for using web based technology tools for teaching and learning.
  • Understand your current state, clearly define your overall corporate training/learning strategy and inventory the skills sets you have available needed for a successful e-Learning initiative
  • Envision the improved future state of how you will improve learning outcomes for your clients. Increase positive reaction to training, attain measurable learning objectives, change behaviors that lead to positive business results, and create ROI using new e-Learning technology
  • Identify the gap- understand what your new teaching/learning strategy will accomplish (business result) that it is not doing now.
  • and Create a plan to get there.

Contact us to start the process. We want to be part of your implementation team — coach you and your team through the gap. This initial consultation may be the spark that can get your e-Learning initiative on track.

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