What’s in it for you? What are the benefits?

New technology allows us to try things that were not possible before. Rapid advancements in e-Learning technology provide new powerful collaboration tools we can use now to solve problems and achieve learning outcomes. These tools are revolutionizing the way learners acquire, share, and deploy knowledge and skills. When done right, e-Learning produces positive results with lower cost, higher quality, and reduced time to measurable performance improvement. Understanding e-Learning’s value helps you make the best decisions about when and why to use it.

  • Academic Benefits

    For teachers and professors, e-Learning technology provides new teaching tools to improve course delivery and student learning. It provides a learning environment that stimulates greater student participation and student interest and allows more opportunities to display critical thinking and writing skills. More….

  • Business Benefits

    In business applications e-Learning improves business results through improved cost, quality, delivery, and innovation, — linking learning to business results provides return on investment. Consider what happens when communities of practice and improvement teams acquire, share, and deploy knowledge and skills. More…