How can we help you….now what?

To get into the e-Learning pool you may need a swim coach. We can coach you through the gap to select the right first project, explain the options available to you, and develop a great first e-Learning course for you.

Because very few organizations have all five skill sets required for a successful e-Learning initiative, consider partnering with a talented instructional design team to to fill the voids. Get a team who understands your business and content, recognizes the difference between instructional design and project management processes, has the technology, creative talent, and the ability to coach you through the gap.

Complimentary Team skills
Everything we do focuses on improving performance. This means having the right resources in place at the right time. For a successful learning and knowledge management project we need a team with complementary skills:

  • The Instructional Designer — skilled in learning theories, adult learning, e-Learning creation tools and training assessments.
  • The Programmer/IT professional — skilled in programming and versed in safe web hosting of sensitive information.
  • The Creative Authority — skilled in facilitation, performance, video editing, game design, animation, and script writing that can make learning more appealing, and pull students in.
  • The Subject Matter Expert — shows the highest level of expertise in performing a specialized job, task, or skill within the organization, needed to make sure that interpretation of information, the content, is correct. Content is king.
  • The Project Manager — skilled leader of project teams, able to sponsor team activity and calculate ROI, ensure quality standards and conduct business need assessment.

Many people may be great at one or two of these skill sets, however very few people acquire all five skills essential to implementing a successful e-Learning initiative. We help fill the skills gap your team needs to be successful.