Benefits of e-Learning
Cost, Quality, Delivery, Results – E-learning provides definite benefits over traditional standup training methods, however, many still perceive new teaching technology as a cheap alternative, seeing only the most obvious benefits of flexibility and the cost savings. Other benefits might not be so obvious. For example, there are many significant advantages for the student who learns online. The technologies available give instructional designers the ability to build in tools that provide resources you may never see in a traditional classroom.

E-learning is convenient and portable. It eliminates waste of travel reducing cost and provides a wide range of topics to select from. It’s flexible, providing a form of learning autonomy that puts adult learners in control of reaching their goals and give employees the freedom to learn at their own convenience, and at a pace that is right for them. The variety of delivery methods used to reach different types of learners improves retention. It improves capacity and consistency, although e-Learning covers wide area it still ensures a consistent message is communicated. Document control as well as tracking and reporting learner progress is so much easier.

However we feel the most important benefit of e-learning is the opportunity to link learning to business results on a global scale. Technology tools make collaboration among communities of practice possible no matter where they are located.